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  1. General Animal Discussion
    Can a 5 month supply of Timothy hay/Bluegrass Grass Hay stay fresh if I store it in a dry place? If not, how much of a supply can I but without it going bad? Thanks!!
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I've had the pleasure of aquiring 3 trios of new mice, but not ordinary meece! After what seemed like ages waiting to get them due to snow fall, i've finally got all my little lovelys and very happy :D First up my Striped grass mice, love these guys, and although not really handleable due to...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My Egyptian spiny mice and Striped grass mice are here! :D There was a horrible delay with the snow and it seemed like forever waiting for them, but they are here and i've settled them into their new homes. Down side is none are handlable, they came from a breeder who overbred his mice at...
  4. General Rodent Chat
    what is the difference in alfalfa/timothy/orchard grass/bermuda grass/fescue grass and others? what is the diference nutriton, and which is preferable?
  5. Other Pets
    Im getting hermit Crabs but I dont trust the people that work in the petshop they dont seem to know that much so i wanted a price on what i would nee including the tank and crabs i wanted around five so i would like to no a tank size aswell. I also read that woodlice are good caretakers for...
1-5 of 5 Results