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  1. Degu Discussion
    Since going off the Baytril, Imaña has started sneezing more. Last night I saw a little nasal discharge again too. So I called the vet this morning, as he had said we’d do a skull x-ray and perhaps a culture if the sneezing got worse. I have an appointment to take her in on Thursday morning...
  2. Bird Discussion
    I'm thinking of getting another bird and would like some imput. I have a cockatiel now that isn't very nosy and pretty clean for a bird so I'm spoiled with her. Other than a parakeet what would you recommend without going much bigger than what I have. Thanks
  3. Bird Discussion
    hi heres pictures of my birds they are all under a year old.
  4. Bird Discussion
    Just wondering, what diet are your birds on? Just trying to get a general census for my study... Thanks =)
  5. Bird Discussion
    A friend of mine had a lovebird and her hubby didnt want it anymore so he tried to get rid of it by leaving the cage door open for about 4 hours so that it would just fly didnt go...didnt want to leave...Mind you my friend didnt know he had done this as she was out of the house. She...
  6. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    A few days ago a co-worker of mine informed me that she had rescued some chins from a pet store. She said the place was going out of business and the owner had admitted to her that he stopped caring, therefore in the process stopped cleaning cages. The cages had not been cleaned in well over a...
  7. Bird Discussion
    Joey our two yr old double yellow headed amazon Connie our 5 yr old green cheek conure Another Connie Chuckles our soon to be 2 yr old blue and gold macaw Another Chuckles
  8. Bird Discussion
    What are the differences in conures, I have been looking at different types of small birds. I have seen the jenday and the sun conures they are both pretty are their personalities the same? I would like another small bird like my cockateil. Others have pointed me toward quakers. From what I have...
  9. Bird Discussion
    Just a quick poll... How many birds do you have? :)
  10. Bird Discussion
    Hello everyone! I have heard that doves carry a certain disease that can kill other types of birds. Is this true? I want to get a parrotlette but i don't want to if my doves could possibly kill it! Please help me shed some light on this subject.. Thanks!
  11. New Member Introductions
    Just to say howdy and I hail from Folkston Ga. I am a parrot person. We have 6 so far. one being a rehomed one with us. I have recently started a parrot rescue/rehabilitation for unwanted, abused or unmanagable parrots. I ran across your forum by accident really and also am looking to possibly...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hello all -- I know a couple people here from a different forum and thought I'd come check it out. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and volunteer with the only registered parrot rescue in the province. I have a husband and an almost 6 year old son. I currently have 9 birds and 1 cat in the...
  13. Bird Discussion
    Let's do a little check in for the birdie slaves.... What type of bird(s) do you have?
  14. Bird Discussion
    Greetings! We have been looking into birds as pets, but I'm having a hard time gaining any real insight into whether they are a good match for us. So, I wanted to ask some questions :blob4: : 1. How do we decide what type of bird or birds is/are right for us? (We want one/s we can hold...
  15. Bird Discussion
    first my son moved down he wanted a lovebird so for his birthday i bought him checkers the lovebird then he wanted a nanday so i got him sox the nanday then because my hubby always played with sox we decided to get him is own so we bought bud the disabled dusky conoure. then a freind called...
  16. Bird Discussion
    :bird: Bear with me - I have never had a bird so I know I left out TONS!! Just list 'em and I'll add 'em!! ;)
1-17 of 17 Results