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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Ok, if anyone has read my recent post on the babies dying...I am sad to say that they have all passed at this point. Last night my friend left her apartment and while she was gone the last little baby passed (I'm assuming). When she came home she found one of the 3 week old rats on top of it...
  2. Cats
    We noticed yesterday that our cat has worms, we saw something white on his butt that was moving and gross and did i mention gross? Usually i'd say i have a pretty strong stomach, but this jus really kinda creeps me out. Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of worms they are, I'm kinda afraid to...
  3. The Water Cooler
    I read an article today that PETA has asked Ben & Jerry's to use human breast milk to make their ice cream. I don't know about others but I find that gross! I know it's natural to drink breast milk - but I really feel that is something for a womans own child not for me to drink or in this case...
1-3 of 3 Results