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  1. Dogs
    Nika has a lovely dry kennel and where does she choose to sleep Heard me at the door
  2. Dogs
    New pics of my gorgeous girl!
  3. Dogs
    I lost the link for a bit, found my way back. Cant recall what pics i last posted of Nika, so please excuse if you have seen any before :) Now onto my girl!
  4. Dogs
    Took some quick pics of my gorgeous girl while training out on the long lead
  5. Dogs
    Snapped some new pics of Nika chops These ones were taken on the 15th, of her sleeping in her wood trolley *L* The next ones were taken this arvo
  6. Dogs
    Yep Nika is hamming it up again *L* and well its been a while since i've given the camera a workout, so here we go *LOL*
  7. Dogs
    Wow....i know Nika has been getting more mature each passing month, but these pics just made me realise my baby really isnt a baby anymore, she looks so much like a full grown dog and she's only 6 months :? :shock:
  8. Dogs
    Some new pics of my girl
  9. Dogs
    Hi, ok so i have this German Shepherd puppy who is 4 1/2 months old and weighs about 45+ pounds. Well, when we got him at 8 weeks we gave him our shelties dog house ( medium sized), well just up until a few weeks ago he fit just fine but now i noticed that he has to duck and almost crawl into...
  10. Dogs
    Snapped a few new pics today. Nika's ears are now up :D and shes growing like a weed :D Nika wanting to move and see what the thing is in her face Nika complete with Scooby slobber *L* I filled my water plants container today and guess who was in it seconds later *rolleyes*
1-12 of 12 Results