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  1. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Its past owner told me it is female. But the face, curvy body and organs seem to me to be male. I have had it for 3 months now and it hasnt mated with my female guinea. Any guinea experts who might know for sure? WARNING: explicit pics below. Not for faint of heart. :lol:
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hey Everyone, I'm considering adopting / buying (preferably adopting) two guinea pigs. It depends on whether the shelter in my area has guinea pigs or not.. they only really advertise for cats and dogs. This would be the second time for me, I've had 2 in the past, one who lived for 8 years and...
  3. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Sorry for all of the threads!!!! I just had a few questions and they were not related,so I just made seperate threads. I was wondering,can a guinea pig have a little bit of orange juice for extra vitamin C and a treat?
  4. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I just got Apolla and have a few questions.Well just two really. 1.Can I give her a "blankie',like I do with the rats? 2.Can you give me a list of GOOD and BAD foods for piggies? Thank you.
  5. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Okay I haven't really researched but I DO know that they need vitamin C. Okay I don't really know what I'm asking. I was in the petstore the other day (oh the dreaded pet store) and this girl kept asking us to hold animals because she didn't want to wait on customers. I totally...
  6. Guinea Pig Discussion
    And their foster mommy told me that wood chips are not good for piggies. Is this right? One thing she suggested was hemp bedding, which I can get at the same place as my aspen shavings. Which do you think is better?
  7. Guinea Pig Discussion
    he's terrified of us, everytime i go to touch him he jumps and runs, he wont let anybody pick him up. does anyone know what i can do to get him calm down?
  8. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I don't have any piggies, yet, but I plan to, although I don't know when yet, and I just have a couple of questions. For one, I plan to make my own cage, a C&C cage, and I was wondering if pigs chew a lot and also if coroplast is safe to be chewed? Also, is newspaper ok to line the cage and...
  9. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I would like to know what Shaw-nee's color is. When I got her no one told me what color she is. Even if I did they would have got it wrong, cuz I was told the she was a Peruvian. Well, obviously she is a Silkie. Can someone help me? and when she is cut short...
  10. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hi everyone, Our vet obtained a sample of our guinea pig (Brownie) about a week ago. The vet said she had a fungal infection from ringworm. She was losing some hair around her right ear but only there. She is very active and has gained weight (she went from 335 grams to 431 grams) in the...
  11. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Found a new pet shop this aft and decided to look in, i saw some cutie piggies and apparantly a show breeder supplys the pet shop with all the pigs that wont make it in the show ring. In the corner of the pen was a messy black piggie, no idea what it was but shes a cutie so i brought her home...
  12. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Well, I'm now proudly owned by a new piggy, named Kakuro. He's quite small, has a rosette on the top of his head, and is black and white. I believe he's a boy. He's very adorable and likes being cuddled and loves cucumbers. :heart: :hyper2: So, what are some things I should get him? I...
  13. General Animal Discussion
    Since I'm going to be working with animals soon, I figure it's best to educate myself even more and learn about animals I don't have. Can anyone recommend good sites? I used to bookmark sites but I lost them all.
  14. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Today, Bear, my youngest male went to the vet to have his manhood taken away, he's recovering very well and I decided to snap some shots of him as well as of my three guys together, introductions are going smoothly, Ash, my male boy didnt seem very pleased with adding a male, he told me he would...
  15. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Well leave it to prego me to pick out a pregnant piggy. I have been on strict bedrest with my pregnancy so I haven't been able to spend much time with her but hubby and the kids have been. They have been weighing the piggies since we got them (we have the 3) and they noticed just how big...
  16. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Just wondering if pigs can have butternut squash? Does anyone feed it theirs? I buy the stuff for the tortoises but they dont eat it quick enough so half of it tends to get thrown away.
  17. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I was wanting to know if yard grass is good for guinea pigs?
  18. Animals in Need
    Not sure if I can list this here. If not I am sorry. My name is Michelle. I rescue Guinea Pigs. I currently have 18 great little piggies. My GP's are looking for a great new home. They want someone who will play with them and feed them veggies and clean up after them. They are looking for...
  19. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hi! I'm new here and I have a few questions. My family has 2 female guinea pigs, named Anika and Eleanor. Sometimes when I hold them they start to try to eat my hair. They aren't just chewing on it - they're really trying to eat it. Is this normal? Will it hurt them if they swallow any hair? We...
  20. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Gert just gave birth to a little brown baby. it looks really cute and has already been trying to eat the house doorway:rolleyes: and sawdust! Im a granny!!!:giggle:
1-20 of 54 Results