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  1. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Well, generally speaking I'm a rat person, but I've been doing some research on piggies and I got my first one this weekend. He's only a couple of months old and he's silver and white, very pretty. He's still a little skittish but I'll post pics soon. He's warming up to me, but he's terrified of...
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Okay I haven't really researched but I DO know that they need vitamin C. Okay I don't really know what I'm asking. I was in the petstore the other day (oh the dreaded pet store) and this girl kept asking us to hold animals because she didn't want to wait on customers. I totally...
  3. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Today, Bear, my youngest male went to the vet to have his manhood taken away, he's recovering very well and I decided to snap some shots of him as well as of my three guys together, introductions are going smoothly, Ash, my male boy didnt seem very pleased with adding a male, he told me he would...
  4. Multiple Specie Breeders
    I breed guppies - if you are interested please PM me. Pick up only. Hello, one of my friends breeds guiena pigs..her username is Animal_Addict here. (No offence, but she doesnt know how to use to computer very well so I am going to post this for her) She asked me to post this for her, this is...
  5. Guinea Pig Discussion
    here are some pix of my guinea pig furball. thanx for welcoming me inthe introduction topic btw. for some reason i couldnt post there to say thanx =[ bye! hope u enjoyed furballs pix! =]
  6. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hi, I have a 2 year old female Guinea Pig and am looking to get her a friend. It must be a female, age and breed do not matter. My piggy is sharing her big cage (5fX4f) with a nice 2 year old bunny and there is lots of room for another piggy. If you are in the Ottawa, Ontario area and you have...
  7. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I used to raise Guinea Pigs, so if anyone has any questions about them, just ask..
  8. Guinea Pig Discussion
    For years now I have wanted a guinea pig.I have 3 guinea pig cages (all are occuppied by rats) but everytime I had a spare one...I would turn it into a rat cage and get more rats. Anyway I am thinking I am definatly going to get a piggie when we move out...anyone have tips or advice??
  9. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I have a hamster, what are guinea piga like as far as tempermant. I know all animals will bite but how do they differ. What size cage do they require, do they live alone like syrian hamsters and how long do they tend to live? I have always thought they looked cuddly. Also do they tend to scammer...
1-9 of 10 Results