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  1. Animals in Need
    Not sure if I can list this here. If not I am sorry. My name is Michelle. I rescue Guinea Pigs. I currently have 18 great little piggies. My GP's are looking for a great new home. They want someone who will play with them and feed them veggies and clean up after them. They are looking for...
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hi! I'm new here and I have a few questions. My family has 2 female guinea pigs, named Anika and Eleanor. Sometimes when I hold them they start to try to eat my hair. They aren't just chewing on it - they're really trying to eat it. Is this normal? Will it hurt them if they swallow any hair? We...
  3. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Lol I am so new to guinea pigs. They are so cute and lovable though. I was wondering what I means when you pet them and they headbutt you lol. They don't do it all the time just occasionally and only 2 of the 3 do. Thanks! ~Jenn
  4. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Well everyone I still have to talk to my mom about it but there is someone on the local freecyclers group here who just posted about getting rid of their gp...just because the daughter doesn't want him anymore. From the sounds of it he hasn't been held much and needs a lot of work but I'm...
  5. Guinea Pig Discussion
    :cheer: :hyper1: I found a guinea pig at a shelter!! its an hour and a half away its a little 6 month old male guinea pig. it comes with the cage and supplys for $20 his name is nibbles... i dont have a picture or anything but its white and orange... I AM SO EXCITED I emailed the shelter to...
  6. Guinea Pig Discussion
    just adopted four guinea pigs from an amimal shelter in a nearby town, three females and one male, all are full grown, they also came with a very large cage. now you all can call me the real pig man lol.:D
  7. The Water Cooler
    I am going to get a new pet sometime (april for hedgehog and probably the same for gp at a swap meet) and i thought that i wanted a hedgie, then i met my bf's cousins gp and been looking at pictures and saw some at the pet store.. and now i am confused agian..
  8. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Okay, so based on the temperament of my male rats(they are pretty scaredey cat rats -- especially two of them)...I think I'm doing something wrong. How do you all get your rats to come out of the cage, explore, and take treats outside of the cage? Btw, my personal marker of a rat being...
  9. New Member Introductions
    I m glad to be here ! I live in Croatia, Zagreb , live in an apartment building in residential part of Zaprešić (little town near Zagreb, of course in Zagreb County) the town that have beautifull forests, lake, horses, castlle "Novi Dvori", golf and tennis corts ! I have lot of pets, we have...
  10. Multiple Specie Breeders
    I breed guppies - if you are interested please PM me. Pick up only. Hello, one of my friends breeds guiena pigs..her username is Animal_Addict here. (No offence, but she doesnt know how to use to computer very well so I am going to post this for her) She asked me to post this for her, this is...
  11. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hello! Im new to the site and thought id introduce some pictures of our cute little guinea named Sugar. She had a sister named Spice but sadly she got very sick and we couldnt pull her out of it. Thanks for viewing my pictures I hope we can become good friends. :) not sure how you view...
  12. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    These are probably as good as I'll get with a disposable camera
1-13 of 13 Results