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  1. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Well i got 3 guinea pigs over a month ago and well one turned out to be a boy the 2 girls seem pregnant there only 10 weeks bless them :( i feel its all my fault as i though only girl guinea pigs have teats. Well what im wanting to no is there any good vegetables ir pellets that i could feed to...
  2. Degu Discussion
    I'm getting my 1st degus:hapdance: and I need to know what to feed them. The owner of the rescue center I am getting them from said that I should only feed them degu food because all guinea pig and chinchilla food has molasses in it. What does everyone feed they're degus?
  3. Degu Discussion
    I thought I would ask for some advice and some general info on Degus since there be a possablity of me getting one or two in maybe a year or two. You see I've been looking into getting some new pets for quite a while now and my BF just told me last night that his sister raises and breeds Degu's...
  4. Degu Discussion
    i have alll females in one cage and all males in another eeeeeeek they are so cute 5 females in one cage 8 males in another and they are eating me out of house and home i used to just feed them once a week but now im filling up thier food every day and thier water iv decided to buy stock in...
  5. Degu Discussion
    I don't know how you guys feel about this, but I'm a little concerned that many people are housing their degus in enclosures that are much too small for them. We don't have much information on degus in the English speaking world as they are relatively new to the pet market, however, there is...
  6. Degu Discussion
    As most of you know i run my own degu website and i'm trying to get together a list of foods that are available worldwide that are suitable for degus so people have a quick and easy resource that they can look at and double check a food is safe (i.e contains no sugar or mollasses) or look for...
  7. Guinea Pig Discussion
    If all goes as planned,I should be getting a piggy next week...for those of you who don't know,please go to the "rescue animals" section,you will see the piggy who so desperatly need a better home. Anyway my question is,how much does a piggy eat a day? I know about hay and veggies and all...
  8. Degu Discussion
    Hello, I am new to this site. My name is Heather and I am from Niagara Falls, Canada. I have a degu, his name is Fez. I actually bought him from a pet store about 2 years ago. He was just a baby then, he is definately full grown now!! Just a few questions if anyone can help. Although I have had...
  9. Degu Discussion
    hi low!! well lemmewinks my new/old degu isa VERY picky eater all he eats is his pellets???!!! And then you look at fuzzy..:blush: Do you know how i can get him to eat more he is really skiny!! ( fuzzy loves leduce and fuzzy was eating some so lemmewinks tried som but didnt eat it.....:(
  10. Degu Discussion
    I'm wondering what everyone else feeds their Degus? Mine really enjoy this new extruded Guinea Pig Pellet I am buying from "Living World", no molases or anything in it, so far it's the best thing I can find and I'm quite happy with it. My Degu Mix... I tried the parsley flakes in the last...
  11. Degu Discussion
    I just addopted two three your old male degus from Petco. how often should I give them dust baths do they need a deep cage like gerbals and what other basics should I know
  12. Degu Discussion
    My first Degu! I brought her 4 month-old self home on Oct. 21. I'm so excited! I will be welcoming two 6 week-olds into my life on Oct. 27, today (Oct.23) is my Birthday, this is my present to myself. I want to do right be these litlle fellas. I know about their sugar intolerance, that they...
  13. Degu Discussion
    HI ALL, I wrote to Vitakraft asking them to put me in touch with a supplier of the new Degu food they have started selling, as i cant get it anywhere down here in Swansea. They have wrote back giving me the freephone number where i can order it over the if anyone is interested then...
  14. Degu Discussion
    This may seem strange, but I can't find Chinchilla pellets anywhere. All the Chinchilla foods are mixes...A good degu diet is a 50/50 mix of guinea pig and chinchilla pellets, or so I've heard. Is there something else I can mix? Like hamster/gerbil pellets or rabbit pellets or something?
  15. Degu Discussion
    I have read that some things, such as potato skins can be poisionous to degus. Is there a list we can make as a sticky that are bad foods not to be given to them? I'd love to give them slices of apples but I don't know if it's safe for them to eat.
1-16 of 16 Results