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  1. The Water Cooler
    Well, just some suggestions. I am in a public speaking class. In a couple weeks we have to do a speech on a different culture. I want to do something unique. I would hate to do the same culture as another person. Its just a four minute speech too. Anyone have suggestions? We have to do...
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    they also rumble, purr, get annoyed, chirp, chatter teeth and more! Cute little site to hear piggies and all the cute noises they make. Makes me want more piggies!
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    hey, now that i think i have figured out the picture stuff, i can show you some pics of my mouse. His name is Buble' (after the singer michael buble'), some say his name is weird, but its good cos its unique. Anyway he is 10 months old and my best bud.:bounce:
  4. Vents and Rants
    Okay...these past few days have been sooo GAH! I am not looking for advice,just wanna vent and get it off my chest. First off,after pretty much fighting...I finally was told I could have a guinea pig that was being neglected.I was excited and looking forward to it,to find out a couple days...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I figured I had better say hello and introduce myself since many of you already know of me. My husband and I are the couple that adopted the two guinea pigs that kathydip rescued. Their official names are now Ziggy and Smore. I never expected guinea pigs to have so much personality. And let...
  6. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Well, I saw an ad of freecycle for two free pigs. I always hate when people give away animals, that means they really don't care who they go to. So I emailed and am actually getting them. Poor guys, they are in the worst cage, with no hay or anything. here is a picture I have to get them...
  7. General Animal Discussion
    Well, I have been looking for a new critter to add to the family. I saw this ad today. She has some mice, which is what I have been wanting to adopt. And a Hamster! I would adopt him too. 1298324- Small & Furry:Dwarf Hamster and Fancy Mice Anderson,IN 7652436056 Brittany [email protected]
  8. Guinea Pig Discussion
    If all goes as planned,I should be getting a piggy next week...for those of you who don't know,please go to the "rescue animals" section,you will see the piggy who so desperatly need a better home. Anyway my question is,how much does a piggy eat a day? I know about hay and veggies and all...
  9. Ferret Discussion
    is this an ok cage for 2 ferrets?
  10. Turtles & Tortoises
    the first pics ive ever posted. [: enjoyy her currently lives in a 40 gal turtle tank. and eats about 70 rosie red minnows a week.. lol hes a big boy [: ive had him about 4 years
  11. Pet Product Reviews
    I've heard references to "cube" cages, which i automatically associated with those (what i thought) square cage shoe/file box things. they're genius!!!!! i want to know where to get those, i might make a tank topper. anyho, THANKS!!!
  12. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hello I haven't been on for a very long time. I have gotten so busy with all the chins I have little time for fun anymore other than the fun with my chins. I have lots of customers asking about the edible logs made from honey and alfalfa. This sounds very unhealthy to me but I would...
  13. Animals in Need
    My friend just sent me this link to someone who wants to get rid of two turtles and a guinea pig! These animals are obviously neglected and NEED a home.This girl is located in Newfoundland.I really wanna get those animals out of there,but I don't want anymore turtles and as much as I want a GP,I...
  14. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I discovered a small lump on Victor's back last night, it seems to hurt him when I touch it. It dosent look like an abcess, could it be cancerous since it seems to hurt him?
  15. General Rodent Chat
    i was messing around on the internet and came across something on Capybaras, i have always thought they were reall interesting so i thought i would post some info on them.:D **Copy-Paste** They are the largest rodents on the world Range: South America east of the Andes, from the northern...
  16. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I just wanted to share this pic of augustus, I know its a bad pic, I'll get a better one soon. Augustus is black with a white blaze down his face. Victor, his dad is in the pic too, but you cant tell because he is all black and the pic is bad.
  17. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi, all -- I'm usually over on the prairie dog forum although haven't been for a while, but I'm here to get some advice on a possible pet rabbit. Our dutch rabbit of almost 8 years passed away a couple of weeks ago -- he had cancer and although it wasn't completely unexpected, we (and especially...
  18. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Opie has been jumping and doing what looks like a bunny binky impression. Does this mean he is happy or mad? Oh he is now starting to relax and sleep in his cage. He scared me I thought he was dead when I saw him! Poor Smores is such a scaredy cat he has not calmed down yet. They both LOVE when...
1-19 of 500 Results