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  1. Guinea Pig Discussion
    DS wants to research what it takes to care for a GP - can someone link me to a good care sheet?
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Tuesday i noticed my female guinea pig had some blood on what i believe to be her vagina, she isnt making any crying noises while peeing and she peed on my girlfriends sister earlier today and left no blood, however a few hours later her vagina was bloody again and her foot is bloody, i can get...
  3. Degu Discussion
    has anyone ever sucessfuly kept goos and other fluffies together in the same inclosure. im talking maybe goos and guinea pigs or ground squirels, all eat the same food there abouts? what are peoples thoughts on this? anyone ever done it ????
  4. Guinea Pig Discussion
    Hi guys, I have a few questions about guinea pig cages. Just so you know, I'm getting two babies. My science teachers piggy had babies and she said they wouldn't be able to leave until the end of June, I'm guessing they're pretty young. What I'm wondering is, since they've been together all...
  5. Guinea Pig Discussion
    My guinea pig Mitsuki is sick today i noticed she did not act like her self her eyes are not bright and they are kinda sunken in when you try to pet her she turns her head the other way she just sits there also i noticed that she lost some weight their is nothing wrong with her teeth but she...
1-5 of 5 Results