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  1. Dogs
    So ever since we got harley 4 years ago we always thought he was part miniature pinscher along with his chihuahua as that is what it said his breed was. Well now since my sister got a trainer and she saw harley she believe's him to be jack russell mostly because of how his hair is so wiry and...
  2. Dogs
    So coming up is my dog's anniversary of being with me and my fiancee for a year. We adopted him from our local humane society on the 24th of febuary which is coming up very soon. I was planning on getting him into the groomer's so that he can look all spiffy for his english bulldog girlfriend...
  3. Dogs
    Since i don't think i have ever posted pictures of my 1 year old miniature pinsher/chihuahua i thought today would be better then any to show you all my adorable baby boy harley.
1-3 of 3 Results