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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    hey guys my beutiful baby girl brumby has got something going on with her neck.... her head is constanly tilted to the left! besides looking weird she doesnt seem to hae any problems, shes eating and drinking and hasnt lost wait, her neck isnt sore and she still jumps and plays with her sister...
  2. Amphibians
    I have an awesome, happy go lucky 9 month old ACF. She is perfectly active, gets along like peanut butter and jelly with her brother & has a great appetite for worms and the occasional pellet treat. I keep up with my 20 G tank and am always checking their temp. and parameters. There is only...
  3. Guinea Pig Discussion
    So one of my piggies has been squeaking a lot more then normal and when I tried to pick him up today he let out a massive squeak and it scared me Anyone have any ideas whats wrong or what I should do? :confused:
  4. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hi, I have a question about matted fur. I have a call into the vet about this too but wanted to see if anyone could answer me. Nipper has had an unusual matt in his fur on his back for about a month now. I can't pull it apart, brush it or anything. He's had many many dust baths to try to get rid...
  5. Guinea Pig Discussion
    My guinea pig is eating her own fur; I would like to know if it is a disease or what it might be and how to stop it so she can grow her hair back. Anyone with suggestions?
1-5 of 5 Results