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  1. General Animal Discussion
    Recently I took my dog Joy to the the vet and found that she had heartworms and hookworms. The hookworms would be easy to treat...We would just have to mix in a panacure with her food every day for three days, every month for two months. Then get a fecal exam to make sure the hookworms were...
  2. Rescues
    I have no idea if this is allowed especially since I don't post here. Not that I don't like your forum I just don't have the free time. Though I do sometimes check in for guinea pig info :) The short story is: After 8 days of trying we manage to rescue a young rat terrier from the interstate...
  3. Dogs
    I'm just cross posting this from my blog to here because I haven't the heart to write it all again. FYI- Keda is the woman who offered Ben a job in FL and also told us she had property we could rent. What she didn't tell us was the job wasn't even set up (therefore non existent) and that the...
1-3 of 3 Results