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  1. Animals in Need
    Hey all, Our beloved Max tore his ACL's... We were looking for anyone that might have it within their heart to chip in a couple bucks or share his page on their facebook page. The cost of both leg's is almost 5k. We came up with 3k and are looking to raise the final 2k through crowd...
  2. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    My female hamster is bleeding I'm not really sure if its from her anus or vagina, is she pregnant or sick? she's only 3-4 months old. lately I've been feeding her just with carrots. *she shares a cage with my male hamster. i don't know what to do. help! :confused:
  3. Bird Discussion
    There is a swan abandoned in the cold on mont royal, montreal. It was clearly brought by someone and left in the cold. With -5 degrees temperature it clearly wont survive for long. who could i contact??? what should i do??? I already called SPCA they WONT help.
1-3 of 3 Results