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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    I want a list with all the "basic" chinchilla mutations. But we do not have all the mutations in Denmark, and I do now know all the names, so I need some help. Also, if you know some other names for an mutation, please say so :) Please tell me if the mutation is dominant or recessive :) The...
  2. Chinchilla Discussion
    T6, 7 and 8 triplets born on 2-6-07. T6 a pink white male
  3. Vents and Rants
    Okay, I'm begenning to get very annoyed with pet breeders... People just want to breed, to get small cute kits... And then it's like "Oh, what harm can one litter do?" Well, if there's no idea behind the breeding, it can actually do a lot of harm... And if it's hard to get rid of the kids, it's...
  4. Exotic Breeders
    I am looking for a chin breeder in IN close to Terre Haute or Indianapolis? With reasonable prices on kits!
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey all. I just got on this a day or two ago, and I love it! I have learned so much already! =) so.... My name is Nikki, I live in Anchorage Alaska, which sucks because of all the pet laws =( But I have 2 chinchillas, Marlo and Kassy. Marlo is a black velvet, and Kassy is a ****-beige(?) I got...
  6. Chinchilla Discussion
    Well, I am officially in the works of getting another Chin to help keep Miss Hailey company. I have no clue how old she is, which is a big drawback, so this time I want to get a chin through a breeder. Hopefully in Indy or the Southern Indiana area. A main question I have is should I get a...
  7. Chinchilla Discussion
    Pictures of Cheerio && Daisy :):D Cheerio is the Standard:) Daisy is the Hetero Beige :)
  8. New Member Introductions
    I'm Cassilynne, pretty new to the forum.. Also extreamly addicted :) I have 2 Chinchillas, Cheerio (Standard Grey) and Daisy (Hetero Beige). I also have 2 Pugs; Dozer & Butch :):D Looking farward to meeting all of you :):rolleyes: -Cassilynne :D
  9. Chinchilla Discussion
    This is Lila. She is a Hetero Beige female that is very pregnant and weighing in at 1099 gms right now. We need MAJOR labor vibes as I thought she would be due at the begining of August! All she does is sit on her top shelf and shoot me dirty looks every time I go in to see if she's got any...
  10. Chinchilla Discussion
    S21 a white mosaic male was born 6-20-06. Dam is Cameo (white mosaic) and Sire is Delight (standard) both from Doug Wilson.
  11. Vents and Rants
    I really don’t know if I am more shocked or mad. Yesterday lived up to its "evil day" moniker here. I had a lady come look at a dog we have for adoption. Well the little girl, who is named Muffin, is a Maltese mix. The last owner just couldn't take care of her. She came in all matted up with WAY...
  12. Chinchilla Discussion
    S16 + 17 were born here a few days ago. Not sure of color yet. One girl and one boy out of a hetero beige dam and tov hetero beige pink white sire both from Doug Wilson. I think the girl is beige but the boy has me scratching my head. He could be **** beige or pink white. Guess I'll have to...
  13. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hi everyone! My chins Tokyo and Ninkimono had 2 babies! To be sure I have their colors correct, can you help me with that? From previous experience, it seems I am totally colorblind or something! I believe one is hetero-beige? ...and the other ebony? If so what type of ebony? I need...
  14. Chinchilla Discussion
    :D I checked my email today and there was a picture of my new little girl! Thought I'd share since I promised I would. She's 7 weeks old and 280 grams and is going to be weaned this week. :headspin: I'm so excited!
  15. Exotics Classifieds
    I have reduced the prices on the males I need to sell to make room for more females. Pictures available on request via email ... For current prices please visit my sales page :) *I will be in the St.Augustine, Florida area the weekend of Sept.17th, and possibly in Ohio in October, so I can...
  16. Chinchilla Discussion
    Sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures, ive been working non stop at my new job ( at a waaaaay better pet store than i worked at before ) and ive been trying not to bother mom and baby too much. Anyways heres my little angel, she doesnt have a name yet, i want her name to be perfect so...
  17. Exotics Classifieds
    I still have too many males and not enough females for what I want my breeding to be......Some are nice quality and some are pet quality ... Here is my current list, please email me if you would like photo's or more information. 1. Dark Tan Male - $115 (pet quality) / 5-29-04 2. Standard...
  18. Chinchilla Discussion
    This is our first litter of the year. And one of the most exciting for me, because of all the possibilities. :woohoo: Belle is TOV Beige bred to Teddy a Dark Tan. The color possibilities are endless!!! Teddy's last mate, Candi, had TRIPLETS! We're hoping Belle doesn't have triplets as this...
  19. Chinchilla Discussion
    Missi is giving my mothers day present. So far we have a hetero beige 55g male (i am pretty sure a male) and just delived number 2 which looks to be a grey. YAY! :yay:
  20. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hi all. I am looking for some quality chinchilla photos for my website. While I will be able to provide alot of my own, there are certain colours I do not own and need to ask an outsider to provide. All credit would be given to the photographer. Colours I need are: Hetero Beige Tan (all...
1-20 of 78 Results