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  1. Ferret Discussion
    My sister and her boyfriend are moving into their own apartment in a few weeks and they're adopting two ferrets from her boyfriends niece because she doesn't want them anymore. What are you sapose to feed ferrets? My sister said that the girl she's getting them from feeds them cat food. I...
  2. Hedgehog Discussion
    What is the best food to be getting for my new hedgepig. I have Vitakraft's Hedgehog Food, but with 6.1% ash i suspect that is is dirt. First Hog so need good stuff.
  3. Hedgehog Discussion
    uh oh, my freind asked me where i get my hedgie food And when i told him he said thats where he got his and when he went to go get more last night, the store had gone out of bussiness! :yikes: The only other place in town that sells hedgie food is petco, and It doesn't look very good. What kind...
  4. Cats
    As most of you know... when the MIL left I "inherited" her cats. She was feeding "Kitten Kaboodle" which for some people may be okay. But I was noticing that Charlie's coat was starting to get really dry & brittle and I decided a lot of it very well could be his diet. Therefore I started looking...
  5. Hedgehog Discussion
    Ok theres a hedgie at a semi-local spca that i've been thinking about getting. I'm sure there going to charge me like $100 for her which right now is going to kill me but i just feel so bad about her being there. She was never handled as she grew up but now is being handled frequently. I was...
1-5 of 5 Results