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  1. Dogs
    I got a female german wirehaired pointer May 30th of this year. So I've had her for 6 weeks or so. I've had the hardest time housebreaking her. She had a UTI when I got her, which is cleared up. I had her urine rechecked about 2 weeks ago to MAKE SURE it was gone, and it was clear. I will let...
  2. Dogs
    I recently got a siberian husky for christmas :D from my amazing fiance. I love her death and her name is Penelope and shes 7 weeks old. I know its hard to train a siberian husky but I never realized HOW HARD!! I think Im doing everything right she stays in her crate when she cannot be...
  3. Dogs
    We just adopted her from a family that kept her in a fenced-in area outside. She's 2 1/2 years old, healthy, and very sweet. BUT we found out she is not housebroken. We are crating her to teach her, but she's soiled the crate 2x already. Any ideas are greatly appreciated as to what has...
1-3 of 3 Results