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  1. Dogs
    I give my puppy 3 dog treats and 3 baby carrots a day. I'd like to add some fruit and more veggie variety, what other human foods can I give him that won't make him sick?
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    1. does ur rabbit get mad at u and turns away from u when u yell at him ( not yell in a bad way like saying " NO") ? 2. when ur rabbit poops outside his cage does he try to hide it from u ? and when u find out abt it does he go and jump in his litter box and give u an innocent face that says...
  3. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues :(
  4. Bird Discussion
    Okay ... so I'm in need of some good opinions and straight facts. I'm seriously thinking about getting a bird. This will be my first (I'm so excited! :D) I'll be honest I haven't even thought about getting a pet bird up until a few weeks ago. So I'll tell you my little story before I start...
  5. Rabbit Discussion
    I have been seeing alot of questions about treats that ok for rabbits, as a breeder of English Angoras I am an expert on this subject(self proclamed My bunnies are in top health says my vet, so I decided to post this hope it is helpful: banannas w/ the peel, black oil...
  6. Rabbit Discussion
    I was wondering if it was okay to give pumpkin seeds to my rabbits. I have 3, so if the seeds aren't good I don't want all of them to get so...or worse. Also, do you bake them or just dry them on a paper towel. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Rabbit Discussion
    With all the new members (myself included:)) , I thought we could talk about food....... Mine eat alfalfa hay....when do you switch to Timothy Hay? Mine eat alfalfa pellets....when do you switch them to non-alfalfa pellets? I have been doing unlimited pellets....when do you limit pellets? I...
  8. Dogs
    Hi - I am new here so not sure if I am posting in the proper spot. I own an Italian Greyhound and a friend of mine also has an IG, but there little guy has a seizure disorder, so he take Phenobarbitol and Potassium Bromide on a daily basis. This has given him a tremendous appetite and he will...
  9. Rabbit Discussion
    I am glad now that I did not have Wilma sprayed at the same time. 1) I was not too sure the vet knew what he was doing 2) I suspected she may b pregnant.Dont know why but.I guess they werent as particular abt keeping the genders apart. This morning Wilma pulled feverishly to loosen someo f her...
  10. Dogs
    Is it true that wet dog food may have worms if we are not careful? My neighbor said that it was possible for worms to live in wet dog food and I am worried
  11. Ferret Discussion
    I seen a ad on CL (craigslist) a new ferret owner had no idea.Please answer this question. Q)What should you NOT feed a ferret? Sorry about the two questions.I sent a email and told the new owner to check this forum out.I hope you all dont mind.
  12. Cats
    Long post, bear with me: The kitties had their check up the other day. They are doing well; Goblin is a little over 9 lbs so her weight is okay. Sprout is as usual a problem child. She has abnormal kidneys, and is a little pudgy at 11 lbs. We've been keeping her on a diet, but because of...
  13. General Animal Discussion
    So now, maybe, for sure we finally know what is hurting our poor pets =( This whole situation is just out of control, I can't believe they couldn't figure out what the problem was for sooo long, and it has affected so many different brands. Chemical behind pet food recall common in Chinese...
  14. Lizards
    My neighbor was going to get an iguana for her Grandson but she heard from some lady she knew that had on that she got bit and got salmonella. Have you ever heard of anyone getting salmonella from an Iguana?
  15. Degu Discussion
    Hey guys! I haven't been here for a while. In fact I have an essay due in less than 8 hrs so I'll make it quick. (srorry for being so busy) But I JUST noticed a bump? sticking out of my degu's upper stomach/chest. Is that supposed to be there? It takes effore to deel it if she's standing up (I...
  16. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Here is the latest from this morning about the pet food recall Rodent poison found in tainted pet food - Yahoo! News Here is the other thread about the recall..
  17. General Rodent Chat
    Cedar and Pine Shavings are Toxic to ALL Small Animals! Cedar and pine shavings, the bedding choices most commonly used for small animals, have been found to contain toxins! Both cedar and pine contain phenols-that's the stuff that makes them smell good. Phenols are caustic, poisonous, acidic...
  18. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I have been looking at all the mice pictures for the past few months and have been thinking a lot about the two girls I used to have. They were so fun and cute, ive been thinking about getting some more. I looked on petfinder classifieds, but there are none. I looked on the actual Petfinder...
  19. General Animal Discussion
    I put this here because it does have to do with animals. Gunny has "trained me" to give her a treat when she rings a bell. I don't give her one every time because I don't want to make her fat but she rings a bell and if she doesn't get a treat she kicks it, rolls it, or throws it until I get up...
  20. Bird Discussion
    I would like to know about cockatiels. Can they be kept with budgies:confused: (I've often seen pics of cockatiels & budgie's playing together) (Ignore that sentence.I'm on a bird forum & someone already made that mistake,so playing is fine,living together no. :no2: ) What is their lifespan...
1-20 of 57 Results