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  1. General Animal Discussion
    So... out of boredom and curiosity what your pet list. I mean what pets do you want or really like and wish you could have etc... I have a hugish list ... ha ha ha what am I talking about, I have a binder of pets i would like. These are pets I know I can get in Canada (Canadian Breeder...
  2. Dogs
    On monday I brought Phoenix to my mom's place to visit (she loved that idea <--Sarcasm) She doesn't like big dogs in the house, but Phoenix hates being left outside unless I'm with her, she's a big sucky and loves her mama :D . Anyway, my mom has a little pomeranian, Wesley. Both of our dogs...
  3. Dogs
    My mom brought her pom to the groomers yesterday. He's so cute with his little bows and bandana I had to share it with everyone! :D
  4. Dogs
    This is my 9 month old female doberman, Phoenix. Well she's 3/4 doberman and 1/4 german sheppard. She very smart and extremely stubborn. The other dog in the first picture is my parents male pomeranian/jack russel terrier, Wesley. :)
  5. Dogs
    I'm asking these questions because, in a few years (closer to 4 or 5) I'm looking into breeding dogs. Not for the cute puppies, or to overpopulate the puppy mills and shelters with puppies, but to try to breed them for optimum health, intelligence, affection, size, perfect show-quality, etc...
  6. Dogs
    Either fostered,lived w/ for awhile till they found homes etc. Keeau ( Husky ) Hailey (Great Pyrenese ) Andy (Terrier Mix ) Cookie (Jack Russel Terrier Mix) & Hannah (Husky Mix)
  7. Dogs
    Well, I thought I'd Introduce my four doggies. :) First we have the Rottie Mocha. I got her from a friend almost 2 years ago because her uncle was going to put her down for no reason. She's actually my dad's dog since when I got her I dropped her off because I couldn't have her where I lived at...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself, and my pets. Im not going to post them all here, Im going to post the dogs in the dog forum, cats in the cat, and so on. My name is Melanie, I live in California. I have 25 cats, all have been rescued. I have 5 adult dachshunds and 2 puppies, a...
  9. Animals in Need
    I want to adopt a female(spayed or neutered) small or medium breed dog as a companion for my male chihuahua/dachsund Lucky. The breeds I'm interested are dachsund, short leged pugs or short legged jack russel terrier, short legged rat terrier, yorky, beagle, or australian shepard or a...
  10. Dogs
    Here's the puppy I was talking about that is about 4-6..i was told its closer to 8weeks old(2months). I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow.. again, thanks for your advice..for those that provided me with the information. thanks :) Anyways..I was just wondering..what kind of a dog you all think...
  11. Dogs
    :sigh: I just had to sedate my dog to CLIP HIS NAILS. I've tried various methods mentioned here over the past couple months, with NO luck. Even if I sit over him with him in a sit position, I can't keep a good grip on him, so I had to sedate him. Despite the sedation and him not being able...
  12. Dogs
    I was wondering what kind of dogs make good frisbee. I was looking for a dog with lots of energy and like to run around.
  13. Dogs
    Well, here are a few pictures of my baby! I'll post some of Charlotte soon too! (don't have much time right now..) When I got him, he was so small!
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hi, everybody! I'm new here and I decided to join because I was looking for a forum about animals and Paw-Talk looked the best place! I only own a jack russell terrier named Max now (love him to bits! :hugg2: ) but I have owned hamsters, gerbils, fish, a rabbit and a guinea pig in the past. I...
  15. Dogs
    Hello everybody! I finally found out how to post pictures:photo: Here`s a picture of my two best friends, "Maya" and "Milo" Greetings from Germany, Iris:)
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hello everybody! My name is Iris and I live in Germany. I have two cute dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Jack Russel Terrier. Greetings from Germany, Iris with "Maya" and "Milo":)
  17. Dogs
    Here are a few pictures of Cledus and his big mouth. I am starting to think maybe part Pit Bull, just because his mouth is HUGE. Let me know what you think. Or if you don't think so. I want to hear opinions. He is 10 months old, and weighs 55 lbs.
  18. Dogs
    I am going to be searching the shelters for my perfect doggie(s) match soon and I thought of how my sis in law found hers. Just a cute little story I thought I would share... My brother and sister in law decided they were going to get a dog and looked at different breeds but didn't want to pay...
1-19 of 19 Results