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  1. Dogs
    Well I have come to the conclusion that I have gone a little camera happy and I am taking alot of videos and pictures of Kibbles that I share with all of you, so instead of making a new thread every time I take new pictures (which seems to be often) this thread is now the Official Kibbles Thread...
  2. Dogs
    I know, I know... more pictures. YES! More pictures AND videos : ) Today Kibbles and I went out and played in the snow with a stuffed frog. Poor frog. Kiwi had to stay inside because 1)The snow is to deep for her 2)She just got groomed today 3)I couldn't find her jacket/clothes...
  3. General Animal Discussion
    New Kibbles, Kiwi and foster kitten Gingivitis A.K.A Ginngy pictures for Halloween. Everyone but Kibbles got dressed up; Kiwi is wearing a pink baby t-shirt, and a skirt I made her a while back that has her name embroidered in it. She is also modeling a very cute winter hat, that I got with a...
  4. General Animal Discussion
    Ok, I have more pet pictures of my current pets and pet that I no longer have. Fist is Kiwi in 2002,before we had Kibbles, so she pretty much always traveled to Quebec with us,but then we got Kibbles and my grandma deiced the dogs we're scratching her floor (she walks about in pointy high...
  5. Dogs
    Ok well as some of you might know Kibbles is a little bit...umm...lets just say he's plump. So well he needs to loss a bunch of weight and I was just curious as to what the other sheltie owners are feeding and how much, but still keep his coat nice and shiny. I take him out for walks as much...
  6. General Animal Discussion
    Awww Kibbles loves the kittens And Kiwi likes to smell their butts
1-6 of 6 Results