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  1. Cats
    A friend shared this photo, just to thought to share too! Just so cute:
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, it's nice to be here. Look forward to getting tips from other members about pets.:D
  3. Cats
    We rescued a 4 mos old kitten (the vet thinks 4-5 mos old) last weekend. She has been doing great until Thurs she had diarreha all day. Had to change her litter box three times. It was really runny - mostly water almost. She didn't eat all her b/f and has not gone since about 6pm last night...
  4. Memorials
    hello again, well here is the problem we are now facing... our kitty was recently hit by a car :( she was only 3 and was the runt of the litter when we got her we had to take it in shifts for the first week or so of owning her because she was so small and weak to make sure she ate and drank...
  5. Cats
    this is ozzykins :) anyone who remembers me from a few years ago knows who ozzy is...... hes so cute :D
  6. Cats
    It's EDIBLE INCREDIBLE!!! Well actually its not and please do not eat the surprise. If you are tempted too please turn away now. Thank You :) I haven't be posting as much as I use to in the cat forum for a couple of reasons. We never did end up picking Ralph back up after Cleo was...
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    We just finished the grotto the other day, here is what it looks like :) (ps i dont want to mess this up i dont know the html this takes so ill just put links.) (all the mess is from the food bowl they tipped over. and yes those are my boys at the...
  8. Cats
    I GOT A KITTEN!!! its so cute his name is casper hes is a male kinda light buff color very affectionate and loves to be around people he always jumps up on my desk when im on the computer i love him :) I need to try to introduce the kitten with my cocker spaniel shes verry small but casper...
  9. Cats
    My younger cat, Ollie, was let out by my older cat, Noah, two nights ago :[. I rescued him, and he hasn't been an outdoor cat (with us anyway.) My other cat does go outside though, so he left the screen open and Ollie must have wandered out. I wasn't home at the time, so I wasn't able to chase...
  10. Cats
    I love this song, and check out the official channel for more videos!! The Mean Kitty Song The Mean Kitty Channel
1-10 of 10 Results