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  1. Dogs
    This is my baby boy Marcus. He is almost 2 years old black Labrador. I love labradors and wanna see your labs too.:talk: KC
  2. Dogs
    I know there's Lab in there - the blue eye makes me think husky or aussie?
  3. Dogs
    My 10 year-old Lab has been reluctant to sleep in his crate. He'll go in and bark for five to ten minutes and then go to sleep but at about three or four in the morning he'll start barking again. My husband and I both work and sometime we have to be to work very early so he's being incredibly...
  4. Animals in Need
    2 Beautiful Labs- Black Male (Yeager) And Yellow Female (Nala). Female Is Spayed. Spirited 1 1/2 Year Old Litter Mates. Learn Quickly, But Too Active For Family With Infant. They Are Outdoor Dogs And Love To Play Fetch. They live in Alabama and we will transport within Alabama and to...
  5. Dogs
    It's official! I have the world's laziest labrador lol. All Maggie ever does is sleep when we aren't out walking lol. I couldnt resist these cute snaps!! xx
1-5 of 5 Results