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  1. General Rodent Chat
    I was wondering how many of you travel with your small rodents and animals? and what are some tips to getting around with them, etc.?
  2. Other Exotics
    What are the laws on them in pa? Pennsylvanias exotic laws are so screwed up. I know you can get a raccoon no problem with permit which is easy just have to buy it from a liscence breeder. Well if I am right both are in the raccoon family but whats the laws on them. Anyone help with pa laws on...
  3. Other Exotics
    Hi all, I live in pennsylvania. I am wondering where information is and application is for a USDA permit? What does getting one entail? What all does this permit cover? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tom
  4. Other Exotics
    Anyone out there know the pennsylvania laws on owning such things as Kinkajou, coatis and possums? Our laws here are so confusing? Tom
1-4 of 5 Results