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  1. Lizards
    Hi recently fell in love with a leo at a pet store. i myself am a leo birthday 8-8-83 and my name is leo lol. Anyway have been doing some research on them and priceing of care,equitment,food, ect..... found a vet in my area that deals with lizzards but still have a few questions. 1) as the...
  2. Reptile & Amphibian Discussion
    I have a question. I got my gecko on Dec 11 09. I started handling her on the 12th. And I read it's not good to handle them within the first few days of getting it because it needs adjust to it's new home. Now I'm worried that I may have handled her too soon and may have caused her harm. HELP...
  3. Reptile & Amphibian Discussion
    I am a new leopard gecko owner and i have had him about 3 weeks. love him to death. I have a under tank heater a red light for more warmth, the pet store says that they can't see red so it wont hurt their eyes. He always stays on the warm side and in one of his hides. I have a hide on both sides...
1-3 of 3 Results