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  1. New Member Introductions
    I am not a pet owner yet but I am looking to possibly get a Lhasa Apso puppy. My problem is finding a reputable breeder who lives in New Jersey or close to New Jersey.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi my name is Kyla. I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm all about my pets so I'll list them below. 1) Gizmo~male shih-tzu/lhasa apso mix( 7 years old) 2) Freackles~ grey and white lop eared male rabbit(5 years) 3) Rioku~ grey male dwarf hamster(2 years)(abi's brother) 4) Abi~ black and white dwarf...
  3. Dogs
    I am wondering if any one else has had this same problem..... since my VET seems to be at a loss. I have three dogs - the youngest is 3.5 yrs old and she usually goes thru a very strange time of not eating for 1-2 weeks every 6 months..... and during this time she acts like she is a little...
  4. Dogs
    Happy Easter everyone ! This is my first post so be gentle with me ! After losing my beloved dog over 6 weeks ago I am now starting to consider another one as I miss having one so badly. My husband can be slightly allergic to dogs and we need a small dog to match our house & garden, so we...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone I'm Nick, from beautiful New Hampshire, in the good old USA. Been here for 20+ years. Grew up in New Jersey, in the shadow of Miss Liberty, right outside Manhattan. My wife Donna and I have spent our time (and plenty of money) rescuing dogs and cats from unfortunate situations...
  6. Dogs
    Two disclaimers before I continue: 1. I am a firm believer that pitbulls are not bad by nature, but irresponsible humans have given them a bad name. 2. Tucker is a pit mix, so I obviously have nothing against the breed. That said, I do not blame the dog at all. I am furious with the owner...
  7. Dogs
    Natalie and Hogan wrestling on the bed... Pagan joins in... The girls double-team Hogan Ooh- Natalie is really wound up now- watch out! Cut it out, guys! Can't you see Parfait there on the bed? 'huh?' Natalie sighs- fun's over
  8. Dogs
    hey Y'all :wave: Here are some recent pics of Elvis Lee. :photo2: :sun: We bring to the beach a few times a week & he always runs into the ocean. This time we had him swimming a little. Check out his little speedo bathingsuit. too funny. Also Elvis with our Mini Cooper - doesn't he look...
  9. Dogs
    I'm asking these questions because, in a few years (closer to 4 or 5) I'm looking into breeding dogs. Not for the cute puppies, or to overpopulate the puppy mills and shelters with puppies, but to try to breed them for optimum health, intelligence, affection, size, perfect show-quality, etc...
  10. Dogs
    You need to guess the breed of each picture...After people guess I will post the answers and I will post more pictures. Here is the first group of pics: 1) 2)
  11. Dogs
    For anyone wanting to watch it, it is starting right now on the Discovery Channel (6pm MST)
  12. General Animal Discussion
    I was just browsing and it is unbelievable how many beagles are without homes in this area! I just looked at the first few pages and there were over 30 beagles in the pounds. Have they been so overbred they are causing problems? :(
  13. The Water Cooler
    During break time at obedience school, two dogs were talking. One said to the other..."The thing I hate about obedience school is you learn ALL this stuff you'll never use in the real world." :giggle:
  14. Dogs
    We have a 12 year old male Lahsa Apso mix, Benji, and were told by the vet about 3 weeks ago that our little guy has cataracts. It was obvious to us that his vision was getting worse. The surgery and treatment costs over $2,000. Does this work? Do the cataracts come back? Any risk of doing this...
  15. Pet Health Concerns
    Benji - our 12 (?) year old [rescured so unsure of age] Lhasa Apso mix - has been part of our lives for 6 years. I have been quite ill the past 12 months having almost lost a round with a DVT/PE. I continue to suffer complications like another DVT 2 weeks ago (even with Coumadin and a 3.4 INR)...
  16. Dogs
    Hi, I would like to know what breed(s) of dog(s) everyone may have and how they obtain thier four legged friend? I have a 11 year old sheltie name TASHA who my famiy adopted at Pets Mart. She is shy but really sweet. She dosen't fit the normal stereotype of dogs, she dosn't give kisses, cuddle...
  17. Dogs
    Does anyone know the symptoms of this disease on dogs? I looked on the internet but it was not so helpful.
  18. Dogs
    I have a shihtzu that hair to the floor he has a cotton undercoat. I've tried alot of shampoo's and was wondering for any ideas. I litterboxed trained him when he was apuppy so he stays really clean but has to be brushed every day. Have not been able to find any books on how to trim the long...
1-20 of 45 Results