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  1. General Rodent Chat
    This may sound like an odd request, but I'm trying to compile a list of rodents often kept as pets. So far I have: Acacia Rats African Pygmy Dormice Chinchillas Chipmunks Degus Dormice Dumbo Rats Duprasi Fancy Mice Gambian Pouched Rats Gerbils Guinea Pigs Hamsters Harvest Mice Jerboas Jirds...
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    I've been looking around for a more complete veggie list, to find out what veggies are safe for our little bun. Theres still a few im not sure about, but i found this list which is a little more complete than the list. so i thought i would...
  3. Degu Discussion
    Hi, I just saw your treat list on Degu Rock and it was brilliant. I have a pampas and was always wondering if my guineas or the degus could have the leaves but never thought about the plumes! Also the sunflower petals. We always grow loads of giant sunflowers in our garden which the birds go...
1-3 of 3 Results