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  1. Other Pets
    Some picture I took today of my meal worm and darkling beetle colony.I'm not to sure what I'm going to do with them all, probably sell them are feeders or something. In the mean time there still to little, so here are pictures for you to enjoy. Tub'o'Beetles Meal worm Size comparison...
  2. Lizards
    what do you guys think of green anoles? What size tank, I have heard 10-20, I only want one. Maybe 2.
  3. Other Exotics
    Does anyone know of any breeders of bats? Specifically Fruit Bats. Egyptian Fruit Bats (Rousettus Agyptiacussee) seem to be the more common ones kept in captivity due to small size and gentle disposition. I can't find any information as to anyone that have first hand knowledge on these and...
  4. Sugar Glider Discussion
    I've had two sugar gliders for about 2 years now. Mirrhi, the female, is a little mean. Uluru, the male (neutered, don't worry!), is a lot more outgoing and friendly. I got them really cheap from someone who had them dumped on her from her brother and she didn't have the time to take care of...
  5. Hedgehog Discussion
    So, I finally got around to switching Newman over to a higher quality kibble (he was on Science diet..bleh...and i switched to natrual balance) About a month or two ago. He had no trouble switching foods taste wise, actually even when I tried mixing food he wouldn't touch the old stuff. Only now...
  6. Lizards
    Hi there!:D I wanted to post up a thread bout Leopard Geckos...I have seen these little guys a lot in pet stores and I would love to get some. I would probably not do so until at least a year or two...once I move out of my mother's house and in with the BF since my mother is just not into...
  7. Other Exotics
    I was thinking of breeding mealworms for food, I know it sounds really discusting but I think it would be good to do. Does anyone do this or do they have any advise or ideas for me? Thanks.
  8. Hedgehog Discussion
    What food do you feed your hedgie? At the moment I'm feeding science diet light because that is what the small rescue we got him from was feeding and he likes it. I read somewhere recently that this is not a good food for them.... I want to swich to somthing like Natrual Balance or Royal Canin...
  9. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Can mice eat them?
  10. Lizards
    please help my bearded [lynx] has not eaten any food for over 2 weeks he is 8yrs old and is getting skinny.he wont eat his veggies or crickets i would take him to vets but cant find any who know much about dragons. we are trying to force feed him but dont know what else to do. any help...
  11. Other Pets
    can i put eggshells in water dish for my hermit crabs as calicium
  12. Lizards
    Hi All ~ Does anyone have a bearded dragon? Thinking about getting one and would like to know what you feed yours? How much do you feed them when they are only about the size of your hand? What do you use to keep them warm if a heat lamp is too hot for them at that age? What would tell me to do...
  13. The Water Cooler
    Ok well today is moving day for the Ferrets, unfortually they had to go to my mom's house, I only go there once a week. My dad is selling the house and I have to have my animals outta the houses to show the house..apperently no one will buy a house with animals in they are forced to...
  14. Lizards
    Hello, I am the new owner of 3 green anoles. I have had them for 5 days. I am new to reptiles and would love to learn more about their care and behavior. I have one large anole "Rex" who seems to think he owns the cage (30 gal. critter cage) and all food and water. I tried to get 1 male and 2...
  15. General Animal Discussion
    Mine, I'd have to say, is the way my cats seem to act very dog like. Greeting me when I come home, following me around for attention, talking back to me when I talk to them. All things that some people think cats aren't capable of.
  16. Other Pets
    What the title says..Do crickets bite and or hurt you? Im absolutly terrified when one grabs my finger lol i have never actually been hurt but they look like they could.
  17. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    I have a black Gerbil, and her coat seems dull.....what's a good gerbil diet for her, and her coat? :confused:
  18. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    As the title quite clearly states, I'm becoming a gerbil mommy in about 2 weeks! :D As I want to give my critters the best of the best, I thought I'd open a thread in which all of you gerbil-lovers can give me some good advice! I'd like some tips on bedding, toys, food and everything else you...
  19. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Ever come across "rat facts" that are false? For example, rats love swimming? An odd rat does but Well I bring up the subject because I'm thinking that maybe a fact that we all take for granted isn't all that true . I'm not accusing it of being false..yet but I'll state my case...
  20. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    :confused: We have 2 female mother and daughter gerbils.1 female apperently was pregant when we bought her and had 6 babies 4 weeks ago. she ate 1 baby while we were asleep andl last night I heard squelling and she had ate off the legs of another 4 week old baby. The baby is alive and we...
1-20 of 56 Results