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  1. Aquatic Discussion
    When using Melafix, should I put the dosage into my regular tank, or set up a quarantine tank for the afflicted fish? If I do need a quarantine tank, how long should the fish remain inside? :confused:
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My girls do not want to take the medicine. They struggle a lot. I even tried to mix the medicine with applesauce to try to get Angel to take more, but she wouldn't take that either. Is there an easier way? I just got them on Sunday & struggling with them isn't going to help them like me much.
  3. Dogs
    Hello all new to the site looking for a little help. My mixed breed 2.5 yr old is limping as of yesterday when she took a spill in the snow. shes a very fast, athletic, agile, athletic dog. limping on right rear leg but seems to be in no pain? ive messaged the whole leg looking for sore spots...
  4. Dogs
    Nola has SA. She's fine as long as we are home. She's really smart, part of the problem. The gate to our backyard is broken at the bottom. DH zip tied it and she chewed through them. So he used electrical wire and she slid them over!! We have to replace the gate, I guess, but then I wonder...
  5. The Water Cooler
    Hey guys, I know Its been a while right ? Just thought I'd update everyone. .. So Minnie the Jird is about 3 or 4 now, she seems to have lost a bit of weight aswell.. but she's still her lively self. .. Harvey the cocketiel is nearly 16!. .. Both tortoises are in hibernation. .. I'm looking...
  6. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I have a one and a half year old beautiful blue rat named Leeloo. Right now she is very sick. A few months a go she had to go to the vet and got medication for a URI. Her URI is apparently back, or never really went away, and she is now on medication for it, again. However, when Leeloo...
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    (Please note that I'm referring to a pet store mouse and that I'm not trying to find a way around taking one of my own mice to the vet or anything.) My guess is no, and I know you shouldn't get an animal if you can't afford the vet for it, which is why I've passed up on a lot on a lot of...
1-7 of 7 Results