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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    Meet Thumper Houdini! He is a four year old male new Zealand. He has been in the state fair sense he was one year old :) he loves people and playing with our dogs. He is such a sweet heart! :D he also loves the skateboard. If I knew how to attach an image I'd show you :)
  2. Prairie Dog Discussion
    Hi, My four PD's ( one male and three girls), live outside and I got three new ones (all girls), yesterday. My three new ones are in a temporary cage in my house till they can all meet and to get to know us. Today I took the temp cage with the three new pd's and set it outside in the enclosure...
  3. Degu Discussion
    So I got two 15 week olds a few weeks ago to keep my 2 year old company (he'd just lost his brother). I kept them apart a week and a half, then introduced them in a bathtub. That went very well! maybe 5 minutes and they were grooming each other and no weird noises. Then the next day I put them...
  4. Dogs
    i just found this site while fooling around on youtube. Its a matchmaking site for your dog. You can find dogs by location or breed. I'm gonna sign up my Diesel, because you can find your dog playmates, a walking partner, or a breeding match. Might be worth checking out...
1-4 of 4 Results