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  1. Dogs
    My husband and I are planning on applying to adopt a Spanish greyhound in the near distant future from Spain. I checked out the Scooby Medina rescue site and just tested a chip number from one of their dogs in the AAVA. No number or company was found but suggested 5 or 6 other brands that it...
  2. General Animal Discussion
    Why or why not? Do you prefer a brand over another? Just curious because Salem and Binx have Avid, Spyro has ResQ, and Luna and Loki have 24hourpetwatch. I like 24hour because it seems to come up on more scanners here in the US. Changing the info and adding pictures is super easy. ResQ is...
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    Does any one here have their bunny microchipped? I was thinking about getting Smudge microchipped for part of his birthday present, and I thought it would be nice because hes out side most of the time. I highly dout he would runaway or anyhting, but sometimes his curiousity gets the best of...
1-3 of 3 Results