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  1. Other Pets
    So, the other day when I picked up Millie (my Gaint African Millipede), I noticed she had some mites. They are the little nasty white kind, so they are not the beneficial ones. I was reading up on what to do about them, and I saw some interesting/weird things: Rub the millipede with alchohol...
  2. Other Exotics
    Soooo... I was holding Millie the other day, and for some random reason she stopped and decided to have a staring contest with me. :P While I was looking at her lil face, I noticed Ive never seen here eyes before! So I was wondering... do they even HAVE eyes? If they do, where are they? Or do...
  3. Other Exotics
    Hey, Im interested in one, Not a Giant Millipede, but a Centipede, they're so interesting, I was wondering if anyone had any info on breeders in Canada, British Columbia Preferably. Theyre so neat, but all look no touch, because of poison. They are amazing hunters, look at them on youtube.
1-3 of 3 Results