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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    they are 1 week old, and we have lost about 5 over the last two days...they mother hasnt been feeding them and keeping them warm. so we have been tring to do the best for the last two babies... does anyone have any suggestions to how we could raise these as the mother isnt helping. we r ringing...
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    [/IMG]heres our new addition daisy:binkie: [/IMG]and heres are little tinkers pumpkin(black) and peanut(apricot)these two are real characters, always into mischief :hehe:LOL
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    hello, i was scrolling thru bunny info and found this site full of help and advice so i thought i would join as you all seem to be hooked on bunnies just like me LOL:lol:, i have 3 bunnies 2, 8 month old mini lops named peanut and pumpkin and a 7 week old dwarf lop named daisy(i just love those...
  4. Rabbit Discussion
    Well everyone, here she is: my new mini lop bunny Ruby Alice. If you don't like reading a lot you better hit the back button but, if you want to read a story and see some pictures, keep on readin!! My mom took me into the pet store thinking that I wasn't going to get the first bunny I saw...
  5. Rabbit Discussion
    hi i got Gizmo at a pet store and they said he is a dwarf mini lop, but all the mini lops ive seen have had all short hair, he has long hair around his head and his tail. im thinking mutt.. the first pic is right after we got him and the other is about 2 months later
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello. I am new here. We live in east central Illinois. I am married with 5 children and lots and lots of critters! We are very active in 4-H. We raise a wide variety of livestock. Our main focus is poultry and waterfowl. We have lots of smaller furry friends too, mini lops, mini rex, cavies...
  7. Rabbit Discussion
    I have ,,, Flemish crosses ,Hotot ,English ,Mini Lops ,Lion head and dwarf . What breed do you own ?
  8. Rabbit Discussion
    We recently got a playmate for Lucky. We believe the new addition is a female...7 weeks old. We have had the buns side by side in separate cages for two weeks on Friday. We will probably try introducing them in neutral territory in a few days. Do older rabbits readily accept younger ones...
  9. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi. My name is Diane and I just bought 2 mini lops for my children. They are the cutest things ever! The pet store guy said they are brothers and are 12 weeks old. He said they can live together in the same cage. Well, the first 2 days at our house they were great. Snuggling with each...
  10. Rabbit Discussion
    Hiya everybody, I have a 1 1/2 year old english lop rabbit named Hunny Bunny. Shes basicly our (hubby and I) first bunny although Ive had bunnies in the past but I was not the main care taker. Anywho, we found out she really likes fruit. I looked it up and found this big long list of safe...
  11. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to the forums and received 2 mini lops as a christmas present around 5 weeks ago. They're only around 12 weeks old. One of my rabbits (Sparkles) is showing strange behaviour. She tends to jump and twitch a lot and shakes pretty badly whilst you hold her. I was thinkiong it could be...
  12. Rabbit Discussion
    in your there a particular rabbit breed that stands out in terms of kindness, longetivity, tameness, or intelligence..or some breeds know for one and other breeds for other characteristics? whats your fav breed? thanks!
  13. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi, all -- I'm usually over on the prairie dog forum although haven't been for a while, but I'm here to get some advice on a possible pet rabbit. Our dutch rabbit of almost 8 years passed away a couple of weeks ago -- he had cancer and although it wasn't completely unexpected, we (and especially...
  14. Rabbit Discussion
    Here's our new bunny. He has one ear up and one down, just like his "brother", Ein. The guy I bought him from said his daddy had some wild bunny in him, which is where the brindle color comes from. Since he has one ear down, I wonder if he has some lop in him? I have no clue what kind of...
  15. Rabbit Discussion
    My sooty fawn mini lop kittens are coming along a treat dont you think.:)
  16. Rabbit Discussion
    Maizee caught in some strange binky pose whilst going ape in the yard- More like it, Maizee says- just pet. Never stop petting.
  17. Rabbit Discussion
    I am researching a few rabbit breeds that really appeal to me and these are two of them.If anyone can give me tips on them or point me to a website about either of these two breeds,I would much appreciate it!
  18. Rabbit Discussion
    :D Hi All, My name is Kimberley. Im new here, trying to get used to the site but thought I would tell you a bit about myself and my babies. I live in the Georgian city of Bath. I live with my boyfriend, Kim and my two mini lops - Dexter, who is one, and Lily, 9 months. I also have a...
  19. Rabbit Discussion
    My grandpa gave me a rabbit about a month ago and my dad put her outside and she died of a Sunstroke. I have been looking for another rabbit these past few weeks and it's like none of the pet stores have any! Only this one place called Petland has them and they are always out because they bring...
  20. Forum News
    I've just added an option to include your first name in your profile, which will then display on your posts under your Location. :) Click on UserCP and then Edit Profile in order to add your name. :D
1-20 of 46 Results