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mini rex
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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    I have a Mini Rex AND a Holland Lop mix. And I was wondering what the average lifespan of both breeds are. The Holland Lop is fixed she got fixed when she was 2 years old. But the Rex isn’t yet; she is about 4 years old. I do plan on having her fixed; I just don’t have to money right now. Also...
  2. Introductions
    Hello! My name is KT, and I have an array of animals. Currently, I have a saltwater tank, freshwater tank, hedgehog, two cats, a dog, a canary, and (soon) a mini rex rabbit. I also have lots of mice, but unfortunately my new landlord won't allow mice, as it is a rural place that I will be...
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    It's always neat to show and share ideas for house rabbit homes and play areas, so I thought I would start a thread where we can all post pictures of our bunny set-ups. Anyways, here are mine... :) I have 9 rabbits, half of them are foster bunnies. My adopted 4 have 6x4 pens. This is Baby &...
  4. Introductions
    Hi, My name is Kathy and i live in Nova Scotia,Canada. I raise Mini Rex and hopefully Holland Lops soon. Glad to be here as i can learn more about rabbits. Thanks.:)
  5. Introductions
    Hello. I am new here. We live in east central Illinois. I am married with 5 children and lots and lots of critters! We are very active in 4-H. We raise a wide variety of livestock. Our main focus is poultry and waterfowl. We have lots of smaller furry friends too, mini lops, mini rex, cavies...
  6. Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm from Alberta, Canada. I'm always looking out for places I can add to my haunts. I find message boards are a great way to talk for hours about my pets without getting a resounding "ewww" or "are you done yet?" kind of reaction. While growing up I had two cats: Fezz (who took to...
  7. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi all - Merry Christmas. A six week old doe that came into my rescue fell ill on me last night. It looks like she's had a stroke. I've only ever seen this behaviour in dogs- and they did have a stroke. Her right side is paralysed. Her breathing was laboured last night, but at about 5 am she...
  8. Rabbit Discussion
    I have ,,, Flemish crosses ,Hotot ,English ,Mini Lops ,Lion head and dwarf . What breed do you own ?
  9. Rabbit Discussion
    I have taken her out LOADS of times out in the back, but never on a walk. She really enjoyed it, even though somethings startled her, a lot of people was in awe over seeing this site and said hello and came right up to pet her. One said she thought it was a puppy from far away :hehe: What an odd...
  10. Rabbit Discussion
    Hello, I have a 7 month old Mini Rex doe and the last few days she has had discharge from both eyes. It is of a glue like consistency and the fur around her eyes has been matted up with the discharge. I've never dealt with this before in any of my rabbits. I have done some searching online and...
  11. Rabbit Discussion
    need info on how my bunny's fur is changing? how do i know when his winter coat is gunna grow or not grow? do mini rex's fur get thicker or stay the same? whats the first thing i notice? :confused::confused::confused: advice needed?:yes::yes::yes::yes: :giggle:thanks:sneakyhug
  12. Rabbit Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a breed... I am looking for a smaller rabbit. I would like a calmer, friendlier breed. Any suggestions?
  13. Rabbit Discussion
    :D My bunny's name is thumper:confetti:
  14. Rabbit Discussion
    hi everyone..:confetti:..thumper my mini a very funny character, but when he growls i just pick him up and look at him in astonishment. and put him back he warning me about something?....he also grinds his teeth, ive heard that when they grind their teeth they like something...
  15. Rabbit Discussion
    :confetti: I just got a new bunny! He is a male Mini Rex named Thumper and he is soooo cute! He's about 18 weeks old (considering that I got him on July 16 when he was 8 weeks old). I'll have pics at the bottom! I was doing research on what to feed him and there are way to many websites! I...
  16. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi everyone. Just thought I'd show you my buns. This is Nipper and Big Wig My 10 year old son found them on the street. A woman had thrown them out because BigWig was pregnant. 2 weeks later she had 7 babies who have since gone to their new homes. Mum and Dad have now been fixed. I didn't...
  17. Rabbit Discussion
    Dude's newest friend came home a few weeks ago. My daughter named her Daisy and she is a cutie. Dude took to her right away... she is very calm just like he is. She is a broken black just like Pip was only Pip was a Mini Rex. Daisy is a Holland Lop just like Dude. Here are a few pics... This...
  18. Rabbit Discussion
    As I mentioned in "the furminator" thread, Dude's newest cage mate Ruby passed away last week. It was a very rough few days especially for my daughter. Dude was ok at first but now he is starting to hide in his cubby more. I can tell he is sad again. My daughter REALLY wants another friend for...
  19. Rabbit Discussion
    this is my red mini rex Lulu. that last picture was right after her new cage was built, the cat litter has been replaced.:D And hse has a plastic litter box.
1-20 of 102 Results