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  1. Dogs
    How many dogs do you have, and what are their breeds? What is your limit on how many dogs you feel you can responsibly handle? I am curious if anyone else out there has 5+ indoor outdoor dogs.. If you do, how do you make it work? Any tips? We have 5 dogs and are thinking about adding a 6th...
  2. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Unfortunately I had to sell my house recently and move into an apartment complex I've been in before. They do allow dogs but under 30lbs. My dog is 60 and looking at her you can see she is part Pit. In all the years before living in this complex and seeing others with Large breeds, NO ONE...
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    I have ,,, Flemish crosses ,Hotot ,English ,Mini Lops ,Lion head and dwarf . What breed do you own ?
  4. Rabbit Discussion
    Most of my buns have been rescued or adopted, but I'm trying to get my next bun from a breeder. How did you get your buns? stories are nice. Here are mine. Barbarella was abandoned in a box in the parking lot of a burger place. Someone found her and took her in, but his mom wouldn't let him...
  5. Dogs
    I went to a Showmanship dog show today. Georgia got a red, my judge was a wierdo :tonguerol There were a ton of other dogs there, some dobies and Bostons and Pugs, lots of Tollers! I took over 140 pictures, and had to narrow it down big time! Well, anyway, enjoy!! Georgia licking her lips...
  6. Dogs
    Can you tell the difference? The Designer Dog breed quiz--can you tell which is which? I got a 28%. Funny how they look so much alike, yet some people have spent hundreds of dollars on a dog they could have just adopted.
  7. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    News Article This is my feedback that I posted: I am very happy to hear the government is taking a step towards reducing the pet population, however, I think pet owners should have to purchase a license to breed. Thereafter, the pet should only be allowed a certain number of births per life...
  8. Cats
    Very Beautiful these toygers are but with designer animals being created there are sometimes various problems that come up later...negative ones. There are already so many different kinds of cats...and lots of cats without homes and who are put to death each year..sad...:( I dont know how i feel...
  9. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi Everybody, Thks for making me feel welcome.My initial post went to the moderator for approval so the pics may have been deleted. Anyway,below r the photobucket links of my companions Barney & Betty. Can someone pls tell me what breed they r...
  10. General Animal Discussion
    Currently we do not have any pets. And I do not plan on getting any until after our vacation in May. But I was wondering how others would respond to these questions. I know some people take their dogs or cats on vacations with them. With the exception of a few types of pets: 1) I was...
  11. Dogs
    Just sharing some cute beagle pics! This is Blue,he was just surrendered to us yesterday...he is very sweet!! This is Abby and Macey...both were taken today at our annual event "Pooches in the park"
  12. Rabbit Discussion
    I am researching a few rabbit breeds that really appeal to me and these are two of them.If anyone can give me tips on them or point me to a website about either of these two breeds,I would much appreciate it!
  13. Vents and Rants
    my pit bull (troy) is such a lover not a fighter. i sick of people telling me they have lock jaws or they turn on people or they are natral born killers. people haven't always thought this way they used to be called "nanny dogs" because they were so great around children also have people...
  14. Bird Discussion
    Here are a few baby duck pictures.I went out of town, to a beautiful little town called Old Perlican here in Newfoundland and stayed for a few days.There is a family there who have a little duck pond with ducks and chickens.This year when I visited, there were some babies!Enjoy!
  15. Rabbit Discussion
    Okay - what is the most friendly breed of bunny? Tabatha is a lop eared (well if her head was straight she would be) She is just so sweet it amazes me! I was wondering if most lops are this sweet and if there is a breed that is known to be really sweet.
  16. Dogs
    I'm asking these questions because, in a few years (closer to 4 or 5) I'm looking into breeding dogs. Not for the cute puppies, or to overpopulate the puppy mills and shelters with puppies, but to try to breed them for optimum health, intelligence, affection, size, perfect show-quality, etc...
  17. Dogs
    as i have posted before i just adopted a 6mo. old border collie. i chose him b/c i want to get involved in agility. the proiblem is i have no clue how to get started. does anyone have any info on clubs or who i would call or e-mail to get started? if so i would really appreciate some tips.
1-19 of 50 Results