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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My pregnant mouse just had 13 babies, and she ate two of them. She started to eat another, so i separated her for now. I'm scared she's going to keep eating them. Help! What should I do?!
  2. Thought and Prayer Requests
    Well my mom went for her surgery on december 1st at 10:10 that morning. We went to my parents house at about noon to take care of our dog harley(he is staying with my mom until we can find a place that allows two dogs) and specky. We didnt hear anything from my parents until i saw my dads car...
  3. Chinchilla Discussion
    Should I take my mum to the vet? She looks very tired, laying on her side a lot, her eyes are only half open, its like shes squinting (although her eyes were never really opened big and full) shes been chattering her teeth a lot, and I think she might be drooling although I'm not totally sure...
1-3 of 3 Results