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  1. Animals in the Wild
    I was walking on a hike in the countryside down a canal and seen a Horse on farmland nearby I shouted to the horse just saying hello the next minute the Horse walked over to me.
  2. Animals in the Wild
    I was out in the countryside doing some photography and looking for some animals when I was standing near a farm wall it was getting late around 5pm I heard a noise so thought it was a small bird in the bush. So I put some wild bird food on the stone wall the next minute a small wild field...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Allow me to formally introduce myself - most of my friends know me by the nickname of either Fishy, Or Pel. I've always been an animal-lover; I adore their innocence, and utter faith and loyalty that you know what's best. I have 2 cats: Cookie and Fritz, and my fiance also has two cats...
  4. Animals in the Wild
    Hi these are some pictures from the Pilansberg
1-4 of 4 Results