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  1. Aquatic Discussion
    Hey everyone, This is my first post on these forums so I'd like to introduce myself as Tom. :) I'm new to fish keeping but I've done all my homework on what kind of fish I want to keep and about the cycling process. So far, my tank and filter has been up and running for a day or so just to...
  2. Aquatic Discussion
    Mmy mum has her little heart set on two coldwater fish with big tails for out tank but the only problem she's forgot their names :/ can anyone suggest s0me fancy coldwater fish other than goldfish please and thank you :)
  3. Aquatic Discussion
    Well, we got a new aquarium, it isn't all set up yet, but here are some pictures of our new fishies. The reason we got a new aquarium is because we let one of Michael's friends feed the fish and he accidentally dumped almost a full case of feed into the old tank, then the pump quit on us, so I...
1-3 of 3 Results