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  1. Cats
    Well, the pictures are well overdue! Kirby has adopted Tobee, our new kitten, as his own. LOL, it is just SO adorable. The pictures will explain for themselves... Awwe, bathtime is good! Kirby just loves Tobee, can you tell? Tobee is loving every minute of this bath too. LOL Awwe, Mom...
  2. Cats
    I'm most likely going to drive you nuts with photos of Tobee, our new kitten, but he is such a doll. Here are some new pictures from last night. He practically crawls in the dinner bowl to eat. It is so cute! Ahhh, time to rest! Too much play! Gotta stretch! Growing boy! Play time...
  3. Cats
    "Tobee"! Sounds like Toby. But I wanted to spell it different. Anyway, get it? Meant "To-Be", -- Tobee? Hee hee. I have had a rough week, and when I feel down, my pets turn my frown upside down. Well, today I walked in Petco and found it to be pet adoption day. I've been wanting to...
1-3 of 3 Results