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  1. General Animal Discussion
    I got a new puppy as a companion for my other dog (4yo teddy bear). The puppy has taken me to whole new levels of frustration. I realize you can't train every dog the same way, but I don't understand what else I can do. He doesn't seem to understand potty training (potties after we get inside...
  2. Dogs
    but I'm back and we're getting a puppy!! Not the best pic, I know. :) She's a chocolate lab, biggest of the litter, and so sweet!! The kids were in heaven when we went to see them on Friday - 8 puppies crawling all over!! So, I need help making a list of all the things I need to do/buy...
  3. Dogs
    My brother got a new dog today :) As many of you know he lost Doobie in such a horrid way, David was devistated, Doobie was a very special dog who brought my brother back from the brink...he didn't want another dog, not yet, then he saw her :) a teeny tiny little girl chihuahua and there was...
  4. Dogs
    Hi, Me and my husband are picking up a Golden Retrvier/Lab mix puppy, 8 weeks old on Friday. We already have two cats, a Guinea Pig, a Gecko, fish and a hamster (although at least the Guinea Pig, hamster, Gecko, and fish all have cages or tanks up high) but I'm worried about how he'll interact...
  5. Dogs
    Meet my new puppy:grommit: Remy!!! :confetti: She's a female black lab/cocker spaniel mix. I've only had her since Friday and she already has my heart. :lovies: She has me wrapped around her lil paw lol :D
  6. Dogs
    OMG...i'm sooooo excited. My girl will be here sometime next week, she is not named as yet, it has to begin with an A, as she is from 'A' litter. The breeder and myself will come up with something i'm sure *L* A pic from the breeder More updates to come for sure :D:D
  7. Dogs
    we are arranging moving and or staying plans for us. my mom said when we get the chance, when the stuff here is done, we're getting a new puppy! It's gonna be a chocolate lab named mally. How origanal, it's like mally's chocolates. i'll get pics when we get her.
1-7 of 7 Results