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  1. Bird Discussion
    Does this go here? .... >.>....<.<....? May a mod please move it if not. My mom wants to give away her parakeet. He's started to gnaw on the bars to his cage to the point they're breaking, and I think it's because he's lonely(he's by himself, and my mom's been unable to hand-tame him)...
  2. Animals in Need
    Long story short, my mom's best friend's cat needs to find a home. And QUICK. Or she will be brought to the shelter, and there's no guarantee she'd get adopted out within short enough time, before they'd euthanize her for lack of space. She's in Eastern, NY. In Schenectady. She'd be better...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hi My Name is Victoria and I own a small Rescue for rats, taking in as many as possible. I own myself a "Few" rats. I work for a Veterinary Clinic and I live in Northern New York, Watertown area. I love all animals and I love My rats and My dogs, and I don't have horses but I want some, I LOVE...
1-3 of 3 Results