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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    My bunny is crazy!! Since yesterday he has been sniffing everything nonstop. he crawled all over my dad, sister, and I sniffing us. He has sniffed the laptop, the sofa, the blanket, everything. He normally doesnt act like this. What's up with him and is everything alright with him??
  2. Dogs
    I have a beautiful Borzoi that has not turned 1 year old yet. Recently her nose started losing that beautiful deep black color. There was no ancestor in her lineage that had a pink nose. I wonder if there is some health issue with her. She has always been fed Orijen kibble (for large breed...
  3. Chinchilla Discussion
    My chinchilla has been wiping his little nose a lot recently. He was at the vet 2 weeks ago for overgrown teeth, and he had them filed, so I know its not that. He wipes his nose after his dust bath, but I figure that's just from dust in his nose or something. But he does it other times too, and...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    my rat, Pandora, has some red stuff around her nose. I don't think its blood, it looks like that stuff that is like blood that they get from over stimulatioon. I can't remember what its called. should I be worried? She's not sneezing, and she's not lethargic. She just started sneezing and...
  5. Cats
    We recently had to take one of the cats, who is a Birman, to the vet because he wasn't pooping or eating. As it turned out, he has a megacolon. Since he came back from the vet, he's been eating and pooping just fine...but there's one thing about him that hasn't changed - the color of his nose...
  6. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    What does that mean if a group of gerbils has no hair on all of their noses? They arn't fighting nor are they stressed out...any suggestions?
1-6 of 6 Results