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  1. Dogs
    I came across this website,, the other day and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with shopping with them? I'm always somewhat cautious when coming across a new name like this and I'm wondering if anyone knows about them. Their website seems solid though.
  2. The Water Cooler
    So I am creating a web site about Dartanion and horse shows and pretty much my horsey obsession. It's not online yet but I wanted to get some imput from everyone. It has no realy purpose other than just to talk about D & I's show career and other fun stuff. I have a home page that gives a little...
  3. Adults Only
    OK, so the question is, have you ever had online sex? I actually had my fist online sex, both of us agreed it is fun, but not as good as real life. He is in Vancouver, and well above my senior ((he is 43 but looks at least 30-ish and I am only 25)) and of course Asian. He has the CUTEST face...