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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hello Everyone! I'm a new member on this site and am located in Ottawa, Ontario. I have two female chins a mother and daughter (bonded for life:sneakyhug) thier names are Encanto & Brilho! I would like to make this a thread for owners in Ontario and possibly surrounding areas where we...
  2. Cats
    Diary of Oreo and Gingivitis, 2 foster kitten from the Ottawa Humane Society.Started October 4th 2008 (Saturday) October 4th 2008-Day 1:Welcome Home Picked up some new foster kittens this morning and we check is Sumaii had been adopted, I am glad to say she was adopted on the 30th of September...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    today i was over at my friends house (the one who was supposed to take care of my rat while i was in europe) and he tells me he cant take care of them. And he was my ONLY option so now i need to spend money and find some sort of a boarding place. my local pet store does it but i dont trust...
1-3 of 3 Results