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  1. The Water Cooler
    i will make you an animai pic, but it will take me awhile to draw it. tell me what you want me to draw, and i'll draw it for you. please don't make it too hard, because i'm not on naruto's level of drawing.:talk:
  2. The Water Cooler
    You can request an avy here!The're really cool, and they're like mine, with the text going up and down. You can request any avy! P.S. I can't make animated...:rolleyes:
  3. Ferret Discussion
    Give a warm welcome to our newest addition to the family... McCoy! McCoy is a ferret who's 3 months old. He has the cutest pink nose, mouth, and paw pads. He also has lovely deep dark red eyes. He's extremely playful, loving, and is learning how to use his new home. He automatically potty...
  4. Dogs
    I have a Great Dane named Charlotte (just made a picture thread about her yesterday actually). Her poor paws are always raw in the winter because of the ice in the backyard. Her paws are abnormally sensitive to begin with because she licks her back paws CONSTANTLY (has been doing this since she...
  5. Dogs
    I finally got around to taking some pictures of the dogs at our new house. :) I think overall they like it MUCH better here than at the apartment and they enjoy getting to run around more outside. HOWEVER, with the new fence we built, Kirby has already escaped SIX times! :yikes:! The first two...
  6. Cats
    This is really cute if you don't take it too seriously! Enjoy! Baking Cookies With Your Cat 1. Look in cookbook for cookie recipe. 2. Get cup of coffee. 3. Get cat off of cookbook. 4. Find that special recipe. 5. Get cat's nose out of coffee mug. 6. Go to fridge and get eggs. 7. Get dry...
  7. Cats
    Drink out of the toilet? Play with the toilet paper roll? Steal your clean underwear? What odd things do your cats do? This is just the tip of the iceburg for me :rolleyes: :rofl:
  8. Breed Profiles
    Bombay -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “I’d love to own a panther.” This oft heard comment piqued the imagination of prominent cat breeder Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery in Louisville, Kentucky. Knowing that most people could never – and should...
  9. Featured Articles
    Keeping Ferrets Cool in Summer by Nancy Propper [2001-04-17] The hot summer months are almost upon us. Ferrets are very prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke during this time. Ferrets do not tolerate temperatures of 75 degrees and over very well. Why you may ask? Ferrets have very few, if...
1-9 of 11 Results