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  1. Cats
    Our russian blue is about 2 years old. At night she comes into our bed and likes to cuddle, the right in your face nuzzled up to you cuddling. I think it's adorable, my husband not so much LOL When she gets into bed at night she paws the blanket first, claws out. Ugh. She never does this if we...
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My rat Mumps is not putting weight on her back paw, I took a look and its a little swollen and red (not huge or very dark though). so she's maybe sprained it? Does anyone have experimence of this sort of injury - is it generally best to leave it or to go for the vet for some painkillers? she's...
  3. Dogs
    Hey everyone, Marley, our Golden/Poodle mix, has been licking the bottom of his right front paw, limps around, and wimpers a bit if you put pressure on the padding. I looked up everything that could be wrong (broken nail, lodged thorn, cut, fugus) and don't see anything wrong with it. He does...
  4. Cats
    I was doing a random check of my cats back claws and when I touched her right paw she flipped out. We tried wrapping her in a towel and investigating but every time we get to her one toe she goes nuts, presumably in pain. We are calling the vet tomorrow but would like to have an idea what to...
1-4 of 4 Results