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  1. Other Exotics
    What are the laws on them in pa? Pennsylvanias exotic laws are so screwed up. I know you can get a raccoon no problem with permit which is easy just have to buy it from a liscence breeder. Well if I am right both are in the raccoon family but whats the laws on them. Anyone help with pa laws on...
  2. Degu Discussion
    Hey, I have been considering buying or adopting a Degu, I think they are just one of the cutest things. I was doing my research on them and I am confused about one thing. How do I find out if the are legal in PA, USA? I kept looking and couldn't find anything on laws on owning a Degu in PA. If...
  3. Lost Animals
    LOST On July 2, 2008 Holly, our pet Red Footed Tortoise She loves the shade - will burrow and hide under shrubs and mulch Please return to 3 School Road REWARD FOR SAFE RETURN!!!! :confused:
1-3 of 3 Results