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  1. The Water Cooler
    Well I have entered my third photoshop contest. I think I really stepped it up this time. I really like this one! This contest is called Ornamentation The other two I entered were advanced contests, this time I entered a beginner. Not because I don't think I'm talented enough, just...
  2. The Water Cooler
    Well, I decided to enter another contest, but if no one sponsers me then I can't enter it....we'll see what happens. Cross your fingers for me! I bought some more credits so I can enter in more contests in the future, but unfortunately I won't get them for another 24 hours so I couldn't use them...
  3. The Water Cooler
    I entered my very first photoshop contest. It's called Battery Park. We had to take an image and make it battery powered. Here's the pic that I entered. I had some trouble making the battery more realistic, but I'm otherwise pretty happy how it turned out. Here's where I entered: Worth...
1-3 of 3 Results