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  1. Cats
    I tried to post a picture of my cats but I could not.
  2. Degu Discussion
    These are the pictures of the babies, they're growing so quickly now! Especially with two mothers to feed on to share the burden, they're becoming right little tubby pups! :) Big and strong, lots of energy and personalities :) There's also a picture of us holding little Dexter who we had...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hey everyone... Just thought I would post some picures of our rat family. We got 2 new ones on November 5 weekend from Luvboyrats.. She had names them stripe and Spot.. according to the stripe and spot on thier backs.. They have been renamed.. jackie (stripe) & Chan (spot)... They are growing...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Every photo I take comes out blurry! Haha. I've only ever gotten nice pictures of Bruce, and that's because he freezes in nervousness. They seem to be blurry by nature (:
  5. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hello you Guys N Gals!!! Well I just wanted to share some great pictures of our newest family members!! We went to the pet store for toys for Hector, Robin & Whiskers.. and ended up with toys and 2 new ratties!!! Here is a link to photobucket to see all the pictures...
  6. Chinchilla Discussion
    Aint he cute?
  7. Chinchilla Discussion
    meet kiki and her 3 kid kiki(1) is in the pot her baby girl chinta(2) is in the hat one of her baby boys skittles(3) is in the safe and the other baby boy whiskers(4) is on the bed
  8. ???

    Sugar Glider Discussion
    :confused: can any1 post a pic of a sugarglider? ive never seen one b4... plz? :confused:
  9. Dogs
    this, is peanut........ isnt he a cutie? :)
  10. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Ok, i know some people get bored and want something to do so i am making a thread for it. Post any mouse/rat pics you want, tell story's, ask questions. I don't care!
  11. General Animal Discussion
    If you’re like me, your pet is the center of household - even the center of your life! So, I’m always looking for silly ways to let Charlie (my cocker spaniel) be a part of the human world. You know, letting me him sleep on my bed every once and a while and listen to the radio when he’s home...
  12. Rabbit Discussion
    I think you can really get a good idea in this pic how big Hagrid is. My daughter is 3 years old and is tall for her age, and you can see Hagrid is almost the same length as her when he's stretched out.
1-12 of 12 Results