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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hi I know its been a long time that I haven't posted but I am here now for those of you that read the my mice threads you know that I had 3 mice but, the one I had for the longest was being picked on by the other 2. What you don't know is that I have given the two to a pet shop. They just...
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    Where can I add pictures and videos of my pet? Or is this strictly just for sharing stories, discussing ideas and asking questions?
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My rats don't get many foody treats, occasionally they get a little fruit but i tend to keep them stuck to their usual diet as much as possible. But the other day i went on a little spending spree with them, bought Pablo and Wolfgang a bunch new toys and fed them a little cream cheese! They...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hey everyone.. Just wanted to share some new pictures of my boys. I started a new job this week installing carpet.. Hard *** work! We are in a hotel in St. Petersburg Florida on the beach. We installed like 35 rooms in 5 days. Im not used to physical labor anymore!!! I have been doing...
  5. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hey all.. Just wanted to share some pictures of Hector. He is such a doll.. We adore him.. Funny story... Today is my daughters 12th birthday.. On our way home I looked at Tonya and said... "I'm glad we are headed home... I'm having Hector withdrawls!!!" LOL;););) Anyway.. Hope you...
  6. Rabbit Discussion
    Apparently, to Linus, a clean litter box means nap time... I find it hard to argue with such cuteness. Plus, when I do try to argue, I just get this face:
  7. Aquatic Discussion
    Whenever I take pics of my fish in the tank the photo comes out blurry is thier any other cameras that are non expensive and more suitable to take pics of fish?
  8. Rabbit Discussion
    Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to be on in a while, but while I was reading all the new posts, I realized that I have never posted pics of my bunny on here :D His name is Kodo and he is almost one year old. He is a broken cinnamon Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Here are the long...
  9. Rabbit Discussion
    benji is the easter bunny :confetti: and dont worry he didnt get into any of th candy or eat any of the tin foil even tho it kind of looks like it and he got a piece of carrot for being a good little bun :) (if you click on the thumbnail it takes you to photobucket in the same album are more...
  10. Rabbit Discussion
    My new bunny Simon The Condo we built for our bunnies. baby Speckle! Speckle and Simon all cuddled up, so cute!
  11. Site Help and Suggestions
    Every-time I try to upload pics it say upload failed. Why does it keep doing this?
  12. Rabbit Discussion
    Buck Tsunami. Does- Daisy, Cricket, Pearl & Stella. All of them are Lionhead rabbits, except Cricket, she is a Holland Lop. They are 3-8months old. Stella. Daisy. Cricket. Tsunami. Pearl.
  13. General Animal Discussion
    Those are animals that have come and gone and some have stayed...which I regret so very much not fixing them...The only cat we intended to have was the big fluffy gray one...then other strays found out the food...ate and produced, litter after litter I regret...then we gave away all but...
  14. Rabbit Discussion
    Just a few pictures of Oliver, now that I'm able to post. He's definitely a nibbler, so the easiest way to nab pictures of him is while he eating dinner in the evening.
  15. Turtles & Tortoises
    At the zoo...
  16. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My three boys being sleepy and cute this afternoon. New Hammock Day! Tucker and Jeffrey doing their impression of Yin/Yang. My very first Yawn picture! Tucker seems to think nothing is more comfortable than using Windham as a cushion. Windham the wallflower captured in a rare omgthud...
  17. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Been awhile since I've posted pics. Jeffrey, Tucker, and Windham freeranging. Tucker giving me ratty kisses. Tucker gives ratty smiles. Tucker has a watermelonz. Tucker Big Squish. ******* Shoulder Shrug. Me, Windham, and Jeffrey's Goulies. "Vossy-raptor" Jeffrey destroys...
  18. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Just thought I would drop in and let you guys see my boys and where they live. They are living in a 10-gallon tank, I am in the process of building them a four story cage out of a bookshelf. (So if you have any tips, that would be great) Let's start by introducing the boys to you...
  19. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I have some pictures of my rats that I just took today. The cages need cleaned so ignore the poo lol. Also I don't have pictures of my 4 Jacksons. They are hard to get pictures of. They are super camera shy. I did get a picture of one of them though. I have an older picture of them I can post i...
  20. Aquatic Discussion
    Here are pictures of Loki. This is when I had her in the 1 gallon tank.
1-20 of 54 Results