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  1. Dogs
    Hi everyone, I'm really worried about my pitbull (2yrs old), i'm hoping someone has had this similar problem in the past :( He started dragging his back leg / limping about 3 months ago, after i took him for a hike.. I took him to the vet, he took x-rays and said nothing is wrong, prescribed...
  2. Dogs
    I thought I would share my 3 dogs with you all. Enjoy :) First up is Brownie my Boxer/pitbull mix
  3. Vents and Rants
    I am starting to get very irritated with one of my friends i have known for 10 years. Just a couple days ago she called me up and asked if i would be pissed off if she got a pitbull puppy. I told her no but of course i was very pissed off i had two at one point until i moved(one was a blue...
  4. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Everyone, As most of you have already heard, the state of Montana is trying to pass a bill (H.B. 191) to ban the pitbull breed in Montana! I have started a website to petition this bill and will bring a printed copy of the results to the hearing on Thursday. Please, even if you dont own a...
1-4 of 4 Results